Monday, 16 December 2013

Morning Campers!

Hello fellow authors, readers, followers, friends and family. Welcome back to my world. Why am I posting today? Didn't I just post yesterday? Yes in fact I did post yesterday. I try to help other authors out any chance I get. If you have been following my blog you know I have featured some really great authors. However I really haven't been informing you as an author what I myself get up to these days...Lol well here goes. I recently republished both my novels at the beginning of December this year. You can find them respectfully on Amazon. I will post the links at the bottom of this entry for those interested in taking a look. I would just like to let you all know I do have also have a Facebook author page, a twitter account, and other ways for people to follow me. Not that I am complaining over who is following me on this blog. In fact I am really thrilled. Now what else has been going on with me you ask? Well for starters as I said before I republished my two novels on Amazon and Create Space. And to my astonishment The Orphanage has been received back with open arms already. ( It didn't hurt that I did run a free promo period on Amazon either, lol) I have received nothing but positive feedback for this novel as well. I am sure some have only been trying to boost my spirits and to flatter me while other's have really caught even myself off guard. It's hard to believe that I come from a small town in rural North West Georgia and have in fact accomplished so much already. But the one thing I always wanted to do since I attended Garden Lakes Elementary school was in fact be an author like some of the greats; Margaret Mitchell, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, J.R.R Tolkien, Judy Blume, Danielle Steel, Stephen King just to name a few. I feel like at this moment in time I am finally getting to do just that. 
You see the reason I say that is because in the last year as an author I have been featured n a few blogs, I have had my first internet radio show interview, and also have had my very first web magazine interview. Now as I close out this year I think of what might lay ahead for me as an author. Hopefully I will grow more is first on the list at the moment. However in recent days I have found out that I was put forward for my first shorty award for 2014! The race and voting for that starts in January 2014. The shorties as they are sometimes referred to are a collection of awards handed out in a huge ceremony and they range from a large range of categories anything from author-television can be voted for with the shorties. You can find the website here : HTTP://www.shorty Not only do I have that to look forward to but I am taking part in my very first ever Virtual Book Tour as well which kicks off in March. (More about that later) Basically I am touring the web though in hopes of keeping my name out there and to keep my books out there as well. See a lot of people don't realize it but a VBT can in this day and age be very beneficial to a career of an aspiring author. Let's face facts this is the age of technology and unfortunately book sales are dwindling because a lot of people can't be bothered to read a good book. They want everything at the touch of a button. During my VBT I will be taking part in loads of activities including live Facebook wall chats, Twitter chats, eBook signings on Authorgraph just to name a few. So yeah in short there is plenty going on with me for 2014 already! Hopefully it will be a good year to myself and other authors out there who are trying to accomplish their dreams. I will still when I can try to do book reviews for authors and some more spotlights. Along with all of this I will also be working on possibly 5 more novel ideas maybe even a 3rd novel in the Abigail Crane series. I want to finish a screen play idea as well that I have put on the back burner. When I first started this endeavor not knowing what full potential I could achieve with it. I have been a writer all of my life. But sadly I lost that sense of wanting to do it a while ago, a friend of mine who we will just call Sam told me never give up and go for it. You could very well be the next "Big" thing. So with that in mind I will always look to the future because like Scarlett says in Gone with the wind "Tomorrow is another day." 
I want to take this time to thank all of my followers and loyal fans without you it wouldn't be possible to be where I am now. Thank you all! I will keep everyone updated on what goes on with me as soon as I can! Thank you and Good night!

A.E. Crowe

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