Thursday, 26 September 2013

We conclude this week's double feature with:

We conclude this week's double feature of author spotlights with:

Pamela Dorsey-Funke

Pamela is the proud grand daughter of a pastor and spent most of her life in church. She is a Christian author who currently lives in Georgia with her son and her daughter. She currently has "The Apocolypse" series of novels published. She chose to write Christian novels because there isn't hardly any out there and she wanted to inspire others with her words. She believes that most of the novels out there aren't feeding the minds of the general public with positive ideas or virtues. We actually have a direct quote from the author herself in regards to her beliefs and it is as follows:

"There has to be something in a good book that not only feeds the mind with positive values and teaches the reader how to improve their life and give them some hope, then what's the point?"-Pamela Dorsey-Funke.

Here's a bit more about our feature author. Pamela was born in Frankfurt Germany. As we mentioned earlier she resides in Georgia with her two children. Her favorite authors are: Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye, Joel C Rosenberg, James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark, David Baldacci, Nicholas Sparks, Randy Alcorn and Michael Connelly. Some of her favorite musicians and bands are: Translunaric, Give it all Records, Marvin Sapp, Crystal Hopkins, Mighty men of faith, and Boyz to men. 

Here is a blurb from her latest novel:

Our current world is full of chaos, turmoil, hatred, wars and strive. Every day the state of the world gets worse and it is spiraling out of control. In Rome, Italy there is a man who is quickly gaining political power and reverence, Nicolaitanes Balac. But is this the type of power that should be given to a single man? Just who is Nicolaitanes Balac really?

General Alexander and The Group have been given the task of bringing about peace and serenity for not only the United States, but the entire world. Operation Dark Angel is a military operation designed to bring about world peace......or is it? Will it really bring an end to the turmoil, violence and hatred as they were told by the voice? Who is the voice? What is its true nature?

If you are interested in how to get in touch with the author or want a copy of her work here are her links:

Her blog:

And we even have her book trailer to share with you! You can find that at this link:

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sorry for the delay:

This week's spotlight part one goes to:

Jo Linsdell-Feliciani

Jo Linsdell is originally from the UK but went to Rome, Italy in June 2001 for 3 days and ended up staying (something she says is much easier to do than most people would think). Since then she has become bilingual, married an Italian and become mum to two little boys (one 5 years old and one 2 years old) who make sure she never has time to get bored.

Although she's always enjoyed writing she only started her writing career in 2006. After seeing an advertisement that an English language newspaper in Florence was open to submissions, she sent off an article. It was published in the very next issue and was the first of several articles she wrote for the newspaper. This was the turning point for Jo as it was when she realised she could actually be a published writer. Since then she's published several books (most of which have become best sellers), written for various publications and websites around the world, and won awards and recognition (including the Literary Worlds Who's Who in the Writing Industry).

Jo is a multi genre author and loves to experiment with her writing. Her favourite genres are children's picture books and non-fiction though. She is also an illustrator. She illustrated her own books and also works in collaboration this other children's authors.

She is the founder and organiser of the free annual online event called Promo Day. A whole day dedicated to promoting, networking, and learning. Full of free presentations on topics related to book promotion and marketing by experts in the industry, and loads of opportunities to promote and network.

Jo is also an avid blogger and runs both personal blog and the award winning blog

When not writing, blogging, or working on other projects, Jo likes to spend time with her family. She loves playing Dance 4 on her Wii, baking cakes, watching her favourite TV shows (which currently include Castle, Suits, and Person of Interest), and reading. Her taste in books is varied. Some of her favourite authors are Dean Koontz, Sophie Kinsella, and Frank McCourt. Jo is a self confessed chocoholic, shopaholic, social media junky, and a bit of a control freak.

Her latest book Virtual Book Tours: Effective Online Book Promotion From the Comfort of Your Own Home set a new personal best for Jo when it became a best seller on day 1 of it's launch.

You can find out more about Jo at her website or by visiting her social media profiles:

And this concludes part one of the double feature spotlight. Thanks for reading!

Monday, 16 September 2013

This week's Book Review is:

This week's book review is:

The Alien Mind
Written by Virginia Lori Jennings

In the past couple of weeks I have been reading this novel. It is a science fiction piece that is dedicated to revealing that there could be other life forms out there that we don't know about. While reading this novel (which is based for the age range of 4th-8th graders) I noticed that there were numerous underlying themes. The themes I noticed were mearly my own observations and therefore could be different from other people who review this book. But they are themes as such references to dictatorships...I was drawn back to an era where there was a really nasty dictator called Adolf Hitler and that was World War 2. While also reading this I felt as though the author had a strong southern background in reference's to the one Creator which people of the Christian faith believe that is God. The novel itself was witty, funny, and entertaining to the max. Virginia Lori Jennings portrays her characters to the maximum and fullest potential that they can reach. The descriptions she uses paints very vivid imagery into the mind of the reader. You basically won't be able to put this book down until you finish it. But when you do you will fill like you are fufilled. There will be nothing left to figure out and it all will be revealed. Kudos Virginia for a very inspiring piece! I say this because I have never really been a sci-fi fan but after reading this I might just have to look further into it. You as my followers need to as well! I wish this review could be longer but if it is it will spoil it for the rest of you so please without further adieu please  go get your copy today! This novel is a must! Especially for those parents whom want to expand their child's reading material!

I give this novel 5* across the board! Well done!

Thanks again!

A.E. Crowe

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

This week's author spotlight goes to:

        Meet this weeks author spotlight:

Jessica Lane Shakespeare

Hello friends and followers. In today's spotlight we are featuring Jessica Lane Shakespeare. Here's some information on her that you might find intriguing. I know I did!

The basics are:

Name: Jessica Lane.
D.O.B: April 14th, 1986
She is orginally from Salt Lake City, Utah.
Her very proud parent's are: Thor and Cindy Johnson and Walter and Jenny Ramirez. Her father is from Peru. She is one of seven children and her siblings are as follows: Jaden, Michell, Chelsey, Alex, Nathan, Jacob, and an unknown sibling on the way.
Jessica during her educational career attended Dixie State College and is currently attending Beautiful You. She hopes to recieve her nail artist licence, and is also atttending RPM makeup academy where she is working on her makeup artist certificate.
She has two pugs and three cats. (Two of which are rescued) Their names are: (pugs) Bubbles and Buddy. The cats are: Niggles, Kiddy, and Kitten.
Her hobbies include the following: Reading, writing, camping, Bbqing, watching movies, listening to music, traveling, nail art, and makeup.
Interesting facts that not many people know about Jessica is: She's had four open heart surgeries since the day she was born. She was a vegetarian for two years, she's learning Japenese, and Korean at the moment. She also squishes bananas and mints down because she says they taste better that way. 
Her guilty pleasures are: watching Kdramas (Korean tv shows), listening to Kpop ( her favorite band is Beast)

When she was asked who inspired her the most she found this to be tricky but did go on to inform me that her favorite authors are: Ann Rice, Stephen King, R.L Stine, Nora Roberts, J.R.R Tolkien, and J.K. Rowling. Her favorite part of being an author is the ability to bring her characters to life. She loves her characters as if they were actually real people. She even tends to actually use names of people that she is related to and even the maiden name of her mother which is Callahan. The current series she is working on she does believe that people might think she has just thrown the characters together randomly but this isn't the case. She has published a series of books called the three brother prophecy which shows how her characters are connected one way or another...she currently has three of the books written up. When it comes to writing Jessica perfers the old fashion way and that is the notebook and pen. She says that even though it would be easier to do it by just typing it up but she has this weird idea or OCD idea if you will that if she puts down her notebook and pen and walks away from her work that when she comes back to it and puts a different pen to the paper that it gives her a refreshed sense of ideas to work with. It helps her to do it this way and she says it's never a boring minute during the writing process. When she is writing she tends to listen to various bands including Korn, Disturbed, Rob Zombie etc. But because she has been working and attending night school she feels that her writing is not getting the attention that it needs. Hopefully she will be able to change this once her schooling is finished which should be around November this year. She also admits that she uses writing theraputically which means that she can use it to let go of stress and to block out all that is bad in her world. 

Her least favorite thing of all time is editing...she hates it because it's such an ongoing process for her. The reason it's always an ongoing process is she is extremely close to her books and knows them like the back of her hand. Just like any other author Jessica tends to read her work and over look the grammar and the flaws. This is why she chose to use a professional editor. At the moment her book is currently free to download to the public. Jessica admits that when she was in elementary school and even middle school reading and writing were among her least favorite things to do. This was because she was slow to learn to do both. It wasnt until after sixth grade and a run in with some girls who made fun of her that she delved further into it. That was when her and her bestfriend Geni started writing their first horror stories. Even though her writing style has changed a great deal she still believes that she would love to try to write her first horror novel later down the line. 

You can find Jessica on Google, Where Writers and Authors Meet, on Facebook and other outlets if you wish to find out more about her.

Thanks for reading folks and have a great day!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The first book review this week is:

Shut up and Kiss me
By Christie Craig

This week's first book to be on the Author review chart is by Christie Craig. The title is shut and kiss me. I found this to be a very intriguing title. To be honest it wasn't only interesting but completely breath taking. It was filled with hope, adventure, deceit, treachery, lies, love and even some humor thrown in for good measure. I couldn't put it down. It had me completely enthralled from the word go. I would highly recommend this to people at least in their late teens and higher though because it is very vivid in sexual content as fact it rather reminded me of another raunchy set of novels that had tongues wagging not so long ago...E.L. James' 50 shades of grey series. The only difference is that it is set in the lovely state of Texas in a town called Precious. Funny thing to the setting for the main plot of the book is that it's based in Precious...everything about the town is far from precious. This novel will keep you intrigued and wrapped up in it's twists and turns and it will make you wonder who done it in fact. I thought I had it figured out half way through and at the last minute there was a complete twist. So yes folks I would recommend this as a choice to those who love to read. 

Please keep an eye out for the next review where I will be doing an author who is a very good friend of mine. Her name is Virginia Lori Jennings. She is author of The Alien Mind.

Thanks Folks and good evening!

A.E. Crowe

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Meet Bob Dixon

In today's first author spotlight we are featuring:

Meet Bob Dixon
Bob is a southern author from Columbus Georgia. He's happily married with two kids. In his early days he never really read novels apart from "The Lion, The Witch and The wardrobe". (Written by:C.S. Lewis) His number one passion was comic books from an early age...this triggered his desire into his writing career. In the early 90's he worked on a set of comic books titles for a company called Pocket Change comics. They were as follows: Assasinette: The Mind Stalker, Shadow Slasher, Psyco Duck, The Holy Knight, and Warzone 3719. He then went on to write his children's book Mouch and Company based on a comic series he had worked called Jester's dead. Most of the characters were adapted out of the series to fit the book, there was one that was introduced and that was Sherman the sock puppet which he introduced strictly for the comedy relief. Bob has also completed a couple more children's books which are: Rooty the Tree Troll and Holiday Bunny. He is also a two time Guinness World Record holder for having the longest comic strip. However like many authors in this day and age he has a job that pays the bills. Bob is a special education teacher for a school near him and his family. He has been in this field for 23yrs and enjoys it immensely. In his spare time he loves to hike, and has even hiked into the mountains of North Georgia. He loves to camp as well while on his hiking trips.
If you are interested in knowing more about Bob feel free to find him on Goodreads, Where writers and Authors meet via facebook, facebook itself and other various sites through Google.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello Followers

I recently read a blog that explained to the public that if they didn't like what was being written they didnt have to follow it. Well here goes. See the same thing applies here. If you as a human being don't like what I say or think that my opinion stinks then by all means keep it to yourself and move right along. For those of you who stick it out though you are greatly appreciated. Now on my first topic of business: Author Spotlights. This is something I have been toying with for a bit in my head. I have a writing group that I am apart of on Facebook as most of you know and it's called Where writers and authors meet. These are authors who are starting out in the industry like myself and need as much publicity as they can get. I plan on helping them. I will try all being well to post a new Author spotlight every week. If not please don't hate me. I will also start doing Book Reviews. This again is to both indulge my writing abilities, help other authors with their careers because we all know that a bit of publicity never hurt anyone. It will also help me with catching up on my reading as well.

The upcoming author's whose books I will be reviewing are following:

Christie Craig
Virginia Lori Jennings
Jim Henry
Clarence Bonner
OG Tomes
Nancy Baker
Paul Pilkington
Laurel Bennet
Shah Warton

I start posting author spotlights soon enough. They will be listed at a later date. I am doing this service for myself but also you my followers. I do hope that you enjoy what you will be finding out of the course of the next few weeks.

A.E. Crowe