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Book Review that is better late than never:

Welcome one and all back to the blog from the one and only hopeless author..myself! Today I am writing about a couple of books that I recently read written by a very good friend of mine named Jim Henry. Those two books are a part of a series known to most as the Universal Life Force series. The books that I have had the privilege of reading are:Antiquity Calais standing at Armageddon, and Antiquity Calais ascending Olympus.
What can I possibly say about these books? First and foremost Jim gets you hooked from the word go! There is more twists in these two books and turns and just when you think you have got it figured out trust me you aren't anywhere near where Jim takes you. His books are both insightful and intriguing. I truly enjoyed them.

Here's a summary of what the books are about: Antiquity Calais standing at ArmageddonAntiquity Calais: Standing at Armageddon is the first book of the Fantasy/Science Fiction Universal Life Force Series. Antiquity Calais is the Creator's Liberator. Leviathan Avalon is Satan's most prolific Destroyer. Avalon has learned how to control the Universal Life Force and use it as his most potent form of destruction. He conjures the most powerful tsunami in history, wiping out life along the Atlantic Ocean in the United States. Every coastal city from Portland, Maine to Key West, Florida is underwater. He believes he has committed the perfect crime with his killer tidal wave, but there is a catch. Antiquity Calais is a psychic writer, and he has a vision of the attack as it unfolds, and before long Antiquity is hot on Avalon's tail, traveling through multiple universes, up to Seventh Heaven to the lowest depths of Hell, until he and his friendsGillian Usha, Sherman Yazu and the Mighty Mundoo Asquith are all Standing at Armageddon.

In their journeys, Antiquity and friends discover the afterlife is not at all what they expected. Antiquity discovers a hidden race of light-form beings devoted to the Sun god Apollo.They cross paths with Satan. They discover there are many more universes in creation than any had ever expected. And....Antiquity and Gillian fall in love.
Jim Henry began writing this book while he and his son Tyler were anxiously awaiting the release of J.K. Rowling's final Harry Potter book. Every night at bedtime, Jim would read a chapter or two of whichever book they were reading, and the best seller Harry Potter books were Tyler's favorite. Although Antiquity Calais: Standing at Armageddon stands on his own two feet, with a unique story line that involves classic science fiction and fantasy elements, with connections to the Biblical Book of Revelations as well. The Universal Life Force Series, brought to you by Full Moon Over Bunganut Publishing, is a classic tale of Good vs. Evilin the end of days that parents can feel safe to read to their children at bed time. (As borrowed from Amazon and based on the summmary written by the author himself)

The next book which is Antiquity ascending Olympus is about:Antiquity Calais, Gillian Usha, Sherman Yazu and the Mighty Mundoo Asquith have battled Leviathan Avalon, Satan's Destroyer, in the climactic first battle of the end times in book one of this science fiction/fantasy series, Antiquity Calais: Standing at Armageddon.Satan does not take losing well, and the prince of darkness has special plans for hisdestroyer. The result creates a rift that will make matters rather complicated, as Antiquity must decide who the main target should be. No longer is this a simple battle of good vs. evil; it is a three-way battle for supremacy in Heaven, Hell, and all points in between in the last days! 

Meanwhile, Antiquity meets the Council of the gods, straight out of Greek and Roman mythology, and learns there are some powerful allies who would like to join his cause as theCreator's Liberator. Gods and goddesses such as Zeus, Apollo, Hera, Aphrodite, among others are prepared to fight with Antiquity, but are their motivations pure?

In this volume, we learn that the Creator has a special vision for His Liberator and the love of his afterlife, Gillian. Readers will also enjoy knowing what happens when Osama bin Ladendied on Earth!
In Ascending Olympus, you can discover just how easily a universe can be destroyed, and how Antiquity and Zeus try to save the universe by using inter-dimensional travel with Apollo's chariot.

In the second installment of this fantasy series, Jim Henry develops the villain Avalon into an even more powerful and chaotic being, much as J.K. Rowling did with Lord Voldemort in the best seller Harry Potter books.

The climactic battle spreads from the plains leading to Hades to the entrance chamber of Hell, and even to Mundoo Asquith's home planet of Algonquin, all as Gillian is about to transform life as we know it.

There are adult themes in this volume, but Jim Henry handles them with the care a father of four should, so it is still appropriate for a young adult scifi/fantasy loving audience.

There is still much to learn as the Universal Life Force Series twists and turns toward the battle at the end of days. See what happens when Antiquity, Gillian, Sherman and Mundoo are Ascending Olympus!

Here is more about the Author himself: Jim Henry. 

Jim Henry has been writing fiction ever since he learned to read in second grade. He completed his first "book" - a 65-page hand-written story titled "Time Warp" when he was in seventh grade.
He continued to write story after story all through his teenage years, before going to college to study broadcasting and journalism.
Through his 20's and into his 30's, Jim was busy writing things other people wanted him to write. He worked for eight years as a daily newspaper reporter for newspapers in Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut. In between jobs, he attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where he received an M.A. degree in journalism history.
When Jim was 34, he was seriously injured, and it was during his recovery that he learned of the ancient form of eastern medicine known as Reiki. While he was receiving an energy healing treatment, Jim had a vision of a man dressed entirely in black, with his arms outstretched, standing before the Atlantic Ocean. In Jim's vision, the man conjured the largest tsunami in recorded history, inundating the entire east coast. Every city from Portland, Maine to Key West, Florida was devastated.
Jim opened his eyes with a look of fear and shock on his face, prompting the energy therapist to ask what was wrong. He told her of the vision, and she responded, "You have got to write about this."
That scene, featuring a villain whom Jim named Leviathan Avalon, became the opening scene of the first book in the Universal Life Force Series, titled, "Antiquity Calais: Standing at Armageddon."
Jim has subsequently published the second book in the series, titled "Antiquity Calais Ascending Olympus," and he is presently writing two more installments, titled "Antiquity Calais and the Children of Light," and "Antiquity Calais and the Wrath of the Cryptids."
Jim is a single father of four, and he has two stepsons whom he loves like his own children. Each child will have a book dedicated to him or her, so there will be at least six books in the series.
Jim lives in Florida and teaches online, allowing him the flexibility needed to be a hands-on dad for his children.

(As borrowed from his Author Central page)

So in closing I extremely recommend this book and look forward to reading the next one in the series!

A.E Crowe

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