Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello Followers

I recently read a blog that explained to the public that if they didn't like what was being written they didnt have to follow it. Well here goes. See the same thing applies here. If you as a human being don't like what I say or think that my opinion stinks then by all means keep it to yourself and move right along. For those of you who stick it out though you are greatly appreciated. Now on my first topic of business: Author Spotlights. This is something I have been toying with for a bit in my head. I have a writing group that I am apart of on Facebook as most of you know and it's called Where writers and authors meet. These are authors who are starting out in the industry like myself and need as much publicity as they can get. I plan on helping them. I will try all being well to post a new Author spotlight every week. If not please don't hate me. I will also start doing Book Reviews. This again is to both indulge my writing abilities, help other authors with their careers because we all know that a bit of publicity never hurt anyone. It will also help me with catching up on my reading as well.

The upcoming author's whose books I will be reviewing are following:

Christie Craig
Virginia Lori Jennings
Jim Henry
Clarence Bonner
OG Tomes
Nancy Baker
Paul Pilkington
Laurel Bennet
Shah Warton

I start posting author spotlights soon enough. They will be listed at a later date. I am doing this service for myself but also you my followers. I do hope that you enjoy what you will be finding out of the course of the next few weeks.

A.E. Crowe


  1. Great to see authors supporting authors. Looking forward to seeing the spotlight features.

    1. :) Cheers Jo Linsdell if you want to be spotlighted or a book reviewed please get in touch and we can work something out! :)

    2. That would be great. Thanks Amy :)

    3. NO problem! As I said in this post it's about helping other authors out. It's the only way that we can get the saying goes word of mouth goes along way.