Wednesday, 6 May 2015

hey guys

well hello guys and gals,
It's me again. A lot has changed in my life this last year. SO much in fact that it would take me a while just to catch you all up. For starters The Orphanage got a contract deal with a traditional publisher. Too Cool right? Yeah I Know. Anyway it will no longer be name The Orphanage and due to confidentiality I can't disclose those details right now. All I will say is that God opens doors for a reason and guides us along this screwed up thing called life. Next on the list well the novel comes out in July, yeah IM excited about that. I think it's utterly awesome. Also I'm back living in the good ole' United States. And currently trying to go through a divorce. I do have a new relationship with a great woman and she's fantastic...not much older than me in fact unlike the recent ex. (Lmao) I recently started talking to my mother again because my therapist suggested that for me to get closure and be a better human being that I first need to set some healthy boundaries with the one woman in my life that let me down repeatedly. We shall see how this goes. IF it doesn't work out then possibly it would be time for a new therapist. But only time will tell. My little brother Brandon recently got married in April...I hope it works out for him God only knows he needs a bit of stability in his life. I have a new nephew that also was born in April. Last year was the start of something new, I was diagnosed with Bi-polar, psychosocial skitzoid disorder, personality disorder with paranoia, and this year to add to the list I have early stages of progressive schitzophrenia. Fun and games I assure you as always.

If you had asked me at the end of 2013 would I be living back in the states and have a new gf and be going through a breakup just to name things off I would have thought you were crazy. But like I said earlier God has a plan for everything and things sometimes have to happen in our lives for us to be shown which way we need to go or where we need to be. NO I haven't converted into a full Bible basher before you all assume and think wow what happened here she clearly isn't the person we used to read about. I have in fact changed well atleast my way of thinking. I have shut some of the doors that would have been considered my life in the UK. I don't hate my ex and actually I do try to stay friends with her. Everyone says she did me dirty when we split however our relationship had in fact dwindled down to nothing but ashes nearly a year after we got together. I do not hold anything against her and in fact I have chosen to forgive her actions, she only did what she thought she had left to do as a choice and that was the affair that ensued. I wish her complete peace love and happiness where ever she is.

I guess today's food for thought or life's lesson is that don't take something for granted if you truly love someone or a situation you are in because it can in fact be taken from you. I am totally greatful that my life changed like it has. I have a complete new family in my life that I love and adore. I have my family around me when they choose to behave and I completely love the life I have. Anyway going to close here go in grace and patience.

Until next time

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