Monday, 29 July 2013

catching up with A.E.

Hello...hello again! It's the one and only hopeless author here once more. I know it's been months since my last post and I reckon I have some stuff to be catching up with you (my fans) on. Like for starters I have had my very first internet radio show interview on WordSexy Radio with host RedSnapper. That was back in April and I have to say even though it was an internet radio show interview it was definitely a one of kind experience. We had a ball in fact. I think took some time off from promoting my novels and children's book to persue going back to school. I enrolled in May to take some I.T. courses. I am currently still taking them...more on that in a bit. Then in June I celebrated another birthday. It's always interesting to turn another year older...see I'm not like most people the older I get it doesnt actually bother me...after all age is a number isn't it? Lol. Now that I have caught you all up on the last couple of months we are up to July. Well the number one thing that has happened is that I have gone back to my writing, and even doing some editing. After all that's the story of an author....writing...and editing over and over. There's no such thing as the perfect author.
Not only have I been back on the writing I also have been interviewed yet again with a friend of mine Virginia Jennings and her website/blog Where Writer's and Author's meet. You can find a copy of this interveiw at the following link IT was interesting to see what questions the fellow authors chose to ask. I would like to send a shout out to Virginia for taking the time to feature me once more.
I am currently working on a possible three new manuscripts currently. At this moment though I don't want to dish any details. I will closer to publishing though so keep an eye out. I think I not only need to get back on the writing but also possibly even do some book reviews. If I chose to do this though I will keep all of you fans definitely posted. Now I will end this post here. Ciao for now!

Lots of Love
A.E. Crowe

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