Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Well if you are reading this you have probably done a search and come across me. I am an author....the author of Chloe learns her alphabet, The Orphanage, and On the Wings of love to be exact. My name is A.E. Crowe incase a few of you don't know that yet. This is my online blog. You will find mostly ramblings of my life, a few memories of my life growing up in Rome Georgia, my life in England, among other things.
I guess I could probably elaborate further on why I call myself an author. But what can I really say that wouldnt probably sound like some cliche' you have all heard before? I simply love to write, I have ideas rolling around in my head constantly. Funny thing is creativity never dropped far from the family tree....My dad is very creative as well. But he mainly writes songs and poetry. My Grand Father also was a man with immense creativity, he always said he would make it big singing some day....that was his motto. May he always R.I.P. I actually come from a rather large no so traditional Southern family. We all used to be close once upon a time as well. Notice I said used to be? Yeah every family drifts apart over the years....people coming in and out....some going away cause they can't help it...like my Grandmother for instance. She was wonderful. A real true humanitarian in fact. She was warm, nurturing, kind, loving, but most of all true to herself and others. She never faltered on judging people's character either. Have you figured out that I was closed to her? Yeah I was close to her as was majority of my family. Some didn't have her as long as most did though, she passed away in 2001 with Breast Cancer. I had the chance of knowing my Grandmother for 18years. The one thing that still remains in my family until this day is in fact how much they all loved her, sometimes if you are lucky you can get them to share the memories. I am getting off topic though.
I was elaborating further about why I decided to take up writing again.....yes you read right I said again. I used to write alot when I was a child. In fact if everyone thinks about what I was like growing up you can probably imagine me with a notebook, and pen in hand. I was always engrosed in some story that I was working on. I even dabbled a bit with poetry, short stories, and screen plays. I wish I had never stopped. It was one of the few things I was actually good at. But life got in the way and I lost sight of following writing as a dream. It wasn't until last year when a friend named Sam suggested that I take a hobby up that I thought more about it, or even getting published. I am very glad she gave me the push to pick writing back up as a hobby.  If she hadn't taken the time to suggest it I probably wouldn't have two novels published on various outlets on the web, and a children's book. Every day I try to write a full two pages on any novels that I am working on, I also try to work on any competitions as well. When I am not working on the novels, or competitions I am trying to work on my Hub Pages.
Now that I have elaborated furthur on the writing side of my life, I will leave that for a bit. I was born in Rome Georgia in the summer of 1982. It was very hot apparently, but then again for those who live in Georgia when is it not a scorcher during the months of June, July, and even August? Georgia in the summer time can be like living in a furnace. No matter what you do you can never seem to shift the sweat that pours from every pore of your skin, and there never seems to be any wind either during those months. It seems that Mother Nature always forgets that aspect of the weather. Another aspect about Georgia is the thunderstorms, which can literally grow into a tornado in a matter of minutes if you aren't careful. It's funny when I am talking to people in England about where I am from....I used to get "What's the weather like where you are from Amy?" They always seem delighted when I tell them about the weather whether it be tornados....or how warm Georgia is compared to England in the winter time....I will go into that more down the line.
I do apologize if this blog seems to jump to a lot of different topics all at one time, but that's how thoughts are processed even in my brain. Haha! I hope that doesn't mean that all of you are bored already because I have so much to talk about, that's part of the reason I decided to take up a blog. Some of the topics I will probably touch base on will be Family, Friends, Life, Love, the pursuit of Happiness, Writing, Humor and others that I haven't thought of yet. I hope you have enjoyed the first entry of this blog.

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